Only YOU can help make Jack happy!

Jack is a 8 to 9 year old Schnauzer. Jack has had it tough as he was turned into the rescue in terrible health. This poor guy was in severe pain from many, many bladder stones. He has had surgery to remove these stones and is probably feeling the best he has in a long time.We were told he was grumpy and pee-d on the floor, so was locked in a small room by himself. The bladder stones and pain is the cause of this. He must of been in terrible pain for a long time as the stones were large. As for being grumpy, he likes to nibble your fingers or grab your hand, but doesn’t bite.

He is extremely head shy  and is always afraid he will be hit and he does the grab or nibble to stop the hits he thinks is coming. He also does it in play. When you pet him and look into his eyes, you can see the real boy and he is asking for affection and love. He just needs someone to help him remember his house training from before the pain of the stones. He wants to trust and be loved again. Jack needs someone to show him what a good life is like and give him reason to trust and the love you see he begs for in his eyes. He has met his fellow foster dog and cat. He has sniffed noses and seems to want to play and interact. He does a little grab at them , but seems he is trying to play.

These are quirks he has picked up trying negotiate his rough life.  In a few short hours the grabs that come from fast movement of your hand near his head have mostly become fake grabs and he is now with gentle slow touch bestowing kisses.  I have not heard him bark or growl at all, but he does moan and talk when you are getting his meals ready. A family that is mostly home and no young children. He is crate trained, being reminded of his house training. and waiting to be loved.

Jack has been nuetered, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm checked, treated with Revolution and microchipped.  His adoption fee of $390.00 includes his health records.  To meet Jack please go to and fill out an adoption application located on the left hand side of our website.

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