The pound is getting full!

Summer is always the hardest time in dog rescue. Money is tight, foster homes are away on vacation, and the pound fills up quickly. Here are 2 nice dogs in the St. Thomas City pound. Please consider being a foster home, or a permanent home for these abandoned dogs?
Luke is an adult white shepherd, looks quite neglected and thin. He is friendly, but timid. He is really unhappy in the pound in his small cage. The St. Thomas Pound does not provide vet care for the dogs, and I worry that Luke is quite thin and looks stressed. He is Pound ID#137.
The other dog is a young black lab, already neutered. He is Pound ID#136. He is friendly and looks like a purebred black lab. He is so stressed and upset in his cage. He is too young and so handsome to be without a nice family.
All Breed Canine Rescue volunteers care for abandoned dogs who need vet care and new homes. Please support our work by donating funds to our vet fund, or by being a foster home. Thank you.

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  2. Poor doggies. It’s best to rescue directly from the pound. Once a shelter gets them, you will be paying about $400 for them