The sweetest Sugar

Sometimes you wonder how a dog who has gone through so much can be so loving, calm and sweet when all is said and done! Well, that’s Sugar! Her “old soul” eyes seem to look right into your heart!!

Sugar was found as a stray; when she came in her milk ducts were fully engorged so we know she very recently had puppies. We do not know what happened to the puppies, all we can do is make sure Sugar is safe and looked after now. While staying at the pound Sugar had to be rushed to the vet because one of her milk ducts ruptured. She is now in a caring foster home recuperating very well. She is finally being spoiled a little!

Sugar looks to be very young, possibly one or two at the most. She has been assessed by a trainer and found to be of excellent temperament with people, dogs
and cats. She is very happy and non reactive. She is house trained and respectful in her foster home.

Sugar will be spayed and given her vaccines once her infection if fully gone and before she is adopted.

If you think you could give Sugar the kind and caring home she finally deserves, please complete the Adoption Inquiry form at the left side of our website. Please be patient… we will not adopt Sugar out until at least two weeks post spay.

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  1. Krista Keates

    She is so sweet! I was so lucky to meet her. I would take her if I could. Whoever gets her is one lucky owner.

  2. Krista Keates

    Linda Kavanagh this is the girl I told you about

  3. Susan Taylor

    I asked dad to take in another dog to help keep Odin company and he said no but I will try again.

  4. I am interested in this sweetie but don’t see a place to apply. My name is Katherine and my cell number is 519-615-3832

  5. My life is much like sugars. I need an will give what she needs and gives
    Q: how does she walk?
    Does she like the water?

  6. Please call instead of email