Tiana is a pinscher mix. She is a very pretty girl, with an interesting personality. Tiana is VERY smart and agile, real quick. She misses nothing! She’s a clever girl. She demands life to be on her terms. Tiana HATES other dogs, so absolutely must be the only dog in the household. She has a high-prey drive and will chase cats, birds, and anything else she sees scurrying around in the back yard. It is a game to her! Tiana really likes car rides. She likes walks, and is trained on a Gentle Leader. She prefers male owners, but will be ok with females once she knows and respects them. Tiana needs someone who will value her SPUNK, manage her issues, and love her for who she is! Tiana is in a foster home with a single gentleman, doing extremely well, thanks to his dedication and good heart. Tiana is heartworm tested, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped.


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