Urgent!! Dogs at the City Pound

The St. Thomas City pound has many dogs who are abandoned and homeless. There are Jack Russells, beagles, and a husky. The dogs are caged for many hours a day and often get very depressed. The beagles are especially mournful and sad. One beagle will hardly raise his head to look at you. If you are interested in adopting a pound dog, call the City pound at 519-631-7430. All Breed Canine Rescue needs your help to save these dogs. If you are interested in fostering a pound dog or donating funds to help with their vet care, please email our rescue organization atallbreedcaninerescue.petfinder.com.
All Breed Canine Rescue volunteers work hard to ensure no animal suffers in the City Pound. See all the dogs waiting for new homes on our website at www.allbreedcaninerescue.petfinder.com. Join our team…fosteer, adopt, and donate.

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  1. We adopted a dog on December the 19th last year.He is a English Setter and we named him TOBY.He is loving and loves to cuddle.He was a mess when we got him,but after a visit to the vets and the groomers he looked better.He wasn’t house trained at all and didn’t seem to know how to climb stairs.So after many carpet shampoo’s and always taking him out so that he knew where to “go”,he is super.He talks to us,yes he can comunicate(sort of) and keeps us laughing with his antics.He was very scared of everyone and is slowly getting better at trusting everyone all be it slowly.He is a brother to our Golden Retriever who is 4 times his size,they play together and Toby always wants to curl up beside Charly.We are so pleased that we ventured into the dog pound on Burwell.