Welcome Asia & Tucker

These are beautiful 6 month old puppies, who were saved from being shot while being used as target practise. The mother dog is still there and pregnant again. We hope she will be okay and will certainly take her and her puppies if given the opportunity. Asia and Tucker are delightful young dogs, really nice looking so gentle and loving. With some TLC, they will be just fine. Asia and Tucker deserve a wonderful loving home.

See these puppies, and all our homeless dogs on www.allbreedcaninerescue@sympatico.ca or call 519-633-6226.

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  1. Just curious to know why the momma dog is still there?

  2. My dog is Rez dog, also threatened to be shot if not taken. Hope momma dog is OK. We love our rescue, still wonder why people buy dogs when so many need homes.

  3. how big do the dogs get…im looking to adopt a pet,a small dog…do you know how I can do this..Angela