It's all in our heads – The underlying nature of disease.

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“That’s a nasty cold you’ve got! Don’t give it to me!” “My Father died of cancer, so you know I’ll probably get it, too.”

How many times a day do we hear sentiments similar to these? But…what if…no…I can’t even say it – it’s just too utterly “out there”! Well, get ready because I’m going to say it anyway! What if WE actually control a lot more about our own health than we have been taught to believe? I know this sounds like an incredible claim, but there is more and more evidence being produced to support it and it’s right on time.

Many people throughout history have professed that the nature of our lives was determined by our thoughts, but with the upward mobility of our “civilized” society, they came to be regarded as eccentric or just plain crazy. Today, there is a strong return towards this belief and it is growing. Okay, sure, “thought are things” and all that, but how does THAT apply to our health? It’s genes and germs that are running that show, right?!? Nope! Not necessarily! When you take a look at our health (and our whole selves, for that matter) from a Holistic viewpoint, you take into account that we are much more than just a physical body. We are also mind and Spirit. Thought and emotions. The total package for sure! Our state of health is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings – albeit most of them subconscious – but a reflection all the same. There is a branch of Biology called Epigenetics that is absolutely fascinating! What it is beginning to tell us is that environmental and even mental and emotional factors can change the way our genes express themselves within our bodies. Amazing! This means we have control over how our DNA operates and which genes are turned on or off in our bodies. Wow! Now here comes the REALLY cool part – our BELIEFS can contribute to this just as much, if not more, than even environmental factors such as heredity, diet, or germs. This doesn’t mean we should stop striving to keep our bodies healthy, happy or well nourished, but it does mean we are not fated to live out whatever illnesses, diseases, or terrors we feel our DNA is poised to spring upon us. Darwinists beware! The times they are a-changin’!

When you adopt the view that your body is only one factor in the entirety that is “you”, it becomes much easier to understand that being sick or dealing with an illness is only PART of the picture. By the time a symptom or condition shows itself within the body, it is a good indication that underlying thoughts and emotions have risen to near critical proportions. That’s okay. Now that they have introduced themselves, you can begin to work through them. Sure, lack of sleep, a room full of people with coughs, or a week of fast food can be factors in our health, but how do you account for those people who still remain healthy despite being surrounded by those types of circumstances? It is their current mental and emotionl state that ALLOWS them to either take on or REJECT those conditions and the experience of them. Physically, we would equate this ability with the strength of our immune system.

Even today, an incurable diagnosis usually equates to people as a death sentence, but this is not necessarily the case, since incurable is only in reference to what Western Medicine can accomplish on it’s own. Living beings on our planet (and beyond I’m sure) are capable of so much more than we acknowledge. Nature knows how to both heal and cure itself. Unlike something such as having surgery alone, when we also address the underlying thoughts and emotions behind the need, we have a much better opportunity to TRULY and fully heal ourselves. If we treat only the symptoms, we will continue to manifest other issues until we are paying attention to the signals our body (and our Being) is sending out to us. We are meant to be joyful, healthy, and abundant. It’s what we’re here for! So next time you reach for that tissue, stop and appreciate the chance for true healing and growth your body is offering you! Peace and be well!

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