Men’s Regent Cup Bone Tennis and Poker Tournament 2019

Men’s Regent Cup Bone Tennis Tournament 2019

Men’s Regent Cup Bone Tennis Tournament 2019 in the framework of the 689th Bone Anniversary, held for 3 days from March 7 to 10, 2019 which was attended by many teams from the South Sulawesi district. At the top / final party that brings together the Hasanuddin Kodam Team against the Pinrang Regency Team located on the Merdeka Tennis court on the Merdeka road Watampone Bone district, on Sunday 10 March 2019.

The Hasanuddin Kodam Team commanded by the Chief of Staff of Kodam XIV / Hasanuddin Brigadier General TNI Sulistijono, at this championship has since become the flagship Team as the favorite champion.

But it is not a straightforward affair for the Hasanuddin Team to advance to the final until the championship.
They must try the awesomeness of the Tennis Team from so many agencies and regions in South Sulawesi. Chief of Staff of Kodam XIV / Hasanuddin Brigadier General TNI Sulistijono wrote in the semifinal party, the opponent faced was a strong team as well as the host.

“With difficulty, all the skills and tips and tactics were issued, but based on the motivation of Faithful Until the End of all the fighters of the Hasanuddin Kodam Team succeeded in silencing the champion candidates from the City of Beradat with a score of 2-1,” he said.

Further, Budi stated that in the final party, all players from the Hasanuddin Kodam Team played the most aggressively and continued to reduce their opponents from the start, and did not play a bit of attacking, not giving opponents the chance to develop their game.

Hard hits and beautiful games and precise strategies, which quickly changed from defense to attack, made the Pinrang District Team seem overwhelmed and had to admit the advantages of the Hasanuddin Kodam Team with a score of 2-0.

“Thus the Hasanuddin Kodam Team appeared as 1st Winner entitled to receive the Trophy and to coach money from Regent Bone Drs. A. Fahshar M. Pajalangi who is always a loyal viewer, “he explained.

“We appreciate the champions the most. Because of their success and passing this tournament, for champions, they can create good achievements at regional and national levels,” said Andi Fahsar after giving the trophy to the winner.

He further said, if the Regent Tennis Tournament Cup, which was held from March 7 to 10 2019, was a series of the commemoration of the 689th Bone Regency Anniversary.

“The tennis tournament activity is scheduled for each year,” Andi Fahsar concluded.

The second place winner in this tournament is the KONI Team in Pinrang Regency, followed by the Koni Team of Bone Regency as the third winner.

As a Runner Up, the Pinrang District Team also received a Cup and coaching fund, followed by the Bone and Kemenkumham District Teams in the third and fourth positions.

Also appearing at the final party was Deputy Regent Bone H. Ambo Dalle, Chief of Staff Korem 141 / Toddopuli Lieutenant Colonel Inf Bobbie Triyantho SIP, Commander of Military District Command 1407 / Bone Letkol Inf Mustamin and all TNI / Polri officials and all officials of the Regional Work Unit (SKPD) Bone regency is classified as hundreds of viewers who cram the field.

Men’s Regent Cup Bone Poker Tournament 2019

The registration phase came up with 32 poker players joining the tournament. The first round of the Tournament was held on March 8 and end together with the Tennis section on March 10. Every round going fiercely, every single player play with their cool and the first elimination round lasts for more than 1 hour. The most outstanding player that catch everyone attention is John J. from Pinrang District Team. Going smoothly with an outstanding gap and reaching the final round without breaking a sweat, ending the elimination round with a Pair of Ace.

Fabien P., also advancing to the final round. Had a fierce match in the second round and finally manage to beat Soetanto C. after almost 2 hours battle with a Full House of King. The final round catches everyone attention in the hall since both players are holding their ground firmly. Not a single mistakes were both from both side, and after 1 hour and 33 minutes, the match concludes and John J. came out as the Winner of the tournament.

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