ADHD and Money.

You wouldn’t give a pyromaniac a flame thrower and you wouldn’t give a compulsive gambler free credit in Vegas. So why is it that people with ADHD are able to look after money?

As I have previously mentioned, both my wife and myself have ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which is also called AD/HD or ADD. I don’t use the word suffer as we are not in pain because of it, we don’t even have discomfort so therefore we are not suffering, we simply have a different though process to most people. I like to describe myself as crazy or insane but I have been told that it isn’t because of the ADHD.

When you have a couple who both have ADHD, money management can be as difficult as keeping the house clean and tidy. We forgot that money hasn’t come out of our account, we don’t remember to pay bills, we get regrettable urges to purchase things. It is rather like juggling in the dark with black with spikey balls tipped. It is a challenge, and one that we sometimes win, more often lose.

You have to realise that it is not intentional that we dug ourselves a big hole to get out of, we simply have difficulty doing it right. Since last year when we were diagnosed we have gotten slightly better, and then a couple of, ahem, friendly meetings with the bank also helped as rather than throwing us a life line in the shape of another loan, gave us some advice on how we should take on our issues. Is it working? Well we are getting slightly better but still face challenges each and every week.

The first thing we did to make sure we didn’t go crazy was hand my dad our credit cards which we tended to fall back on if we found ourselves short. Bad idea to use credits cards like that but you know how it is! We kept hold of one card for online purchases as running a website tends to require online stuff but the other two we said good buy to. Hard to use when you don’t have the numbers!

It also helps to recognize where and when we tend to lose control of the spending. Cheap DVD shopping at Walmart ranks right up there. In the past we would buy many DVDs that were on sale and wouldn’t even watch some of them. It is ironic that last night, we did purchase some cheap DVDs but these are honestly ones we either wanted or couldn’t pass up. The Disney movie 20,000 Leagues under the sea with lots of extras, the A-Team movie, The Losers, The American and finally a Canadian western, Gunless. None were more than 10 dollars in price. I have already watched the extras for The Losers and The American.

Again, this is not something we are suffering from, rather it is simply a challenge that we face everyday and one that we will continue to battle. It doesn’t make us upset, a little frustrated sometimes but it isn’t anything we haven’t faced our whole lives. Positive attitude and being aware of situations go a long way to saving money!

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