Album Artwork and a FREE SINGLE

Lovers on the Edges of the Twilight…
August 29 is the release date! The album will be available online and on CD for you to buy. I’m really proud of the work Deni Gauthier and I have done on this album and I know you’re going to like it too.

Download a pre-mastered track from the album here

This is a picture I took during a visit to Chicago earlier this year. This is a dubious distinction but this is the very corner on which the finale of the latest Transformers movie takes place. I KNOW – you are impressed.

Live performances…
If you’re interested in booking a show, contact me here. Full band show to solo acoustic set – the rates are reasonable and the show will be good!   We’ll play in back yards, parking lots, living rooms, churches and anywhere else there’s a few people willing to listen. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect in concert… watch Michael Krahn & Band – “The Love Song (live)”

The Weight of Glory…
It’s been a decade already since I released “The Weight of Glory” and I still think it sounds pretty good. You can listen to samples buy it on iTunes by clicking here.

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