Left Brain Paralysis

I haven’t posted much lately. Why?

The post that went viral a couple of months ago really took me off guard and came at the worst possible time. It happened just prior to me leaving for Seattle followed shortly thereafter by Chicago… followed shortly thereafter by Toronto – twice. Normally each of those trips would require some prep beforehand and an extensive debrief after. As it was though, they mostly got neither. That post multiplied my blog traffic by 40 and along with it came a slew of attention via comments and Facebook and Twitter follow requests. I was making lots of new connections but I had no time to follow up on them.

Buried under the weight of my own self-expectations, I simply stopped moving for a while. And then the other half of my brain kicked in. This might be my built-in coping mechanism – when the left brain is immobilized by over-consumption and can’t express itself in linear language, the right brain kicks in and speaks for the left. Dear right brain, my plans and structures got destroyed! Please help me cope.

So it’s been less linear things lately – mostly songs and more songs for the last while. All of the processing I’ve needed to do has come out in more poetic form. I’ve been relying less on analysis, logic and calculation and more on intuition, creativity and art.

So I could post a lot of lyrics here but I’m not sure how useful they’d be without their clothing (i.e. the melodies I’ve wrapped around them). But I did start working on a book to go along with the new album I’m recording though. It will look something like chapters that align with the song titles and lots of elaboration on the themes of the album.

There are 2-3 more new songs brewing that fit with the theme so I’d like to put those on the album as well and add those chapters to the book.

Today I find myself with some unexpected free time. I think I’m going to finish those new songs and work on the book.

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