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It was just a simple little question, really: What book has most influenced your life and thinking? 28 comments later, here is the result:

Desiring God, Revised Edition John Piper

Mere Christianity C. S. Lewis

Here We Stand!: A Call from Confessing Evangelicals for a Modern Reformation James Montgomery Boice and Benjamin E. Sasse

The War of the Worlds H. G. Wells

The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien


Lectures to My Students Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The Hero With a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Stephen Chbosky

The Pursuit of God A. W. Tozer

Chronicles of Narnia Box Set C S Lewis

Dynamics Of Spiritual Life Richard F. Lovelace

The Problem Of Pain C S Lewis

Pagan Christianity? Frank Viola, George Barna

The Naked Gospel Andrew Farley

One Thousand Gifts Ann Voskamp

The Gifts of Imperfection Brene Brown Ph.D.

Abba’s Child Brennan Manning

Let the Nations Be Glad! John Piper

Radical Reformission Mark Driscoll

Don’t Waste Your Sorrows Paul E. Billheimer

The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Irresistible Revolution Shane Claiborne

Radical David Platt

A Tale of Three Kings Gene Edwards

The Screwtape Letters C S Lewis

Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond

The Holiness of God R. C. Sproul

Beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche

Reason within the Bounds of Religion… Nicholas Wolterstoff

The Crucified God Jurgen Moltmann

The Doors of the Sea David Bentley Hart

Another B.S. Night In Suck City Nick Flynn

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