When God Withdraws the Sense of His Presence

I have felt this many times, and it seems I am always dumb to its intended purpose. God does not withdraw his presence, but from our sense of his presence. And in these times we choose to believe that he is still there and we act upon his promises and commands. This act of faith is counted to us as righteousness just as it was for Abraham.

And he does this – as he does all other things – for his own glory, and so that we do not become like children of privilege who know that they are fortunate only in theory. Children of privilege are seldom in need and are rarely required to face their own faults.

But God is the type of father who allows us to make foolish decisions in order to have us learn, in practice, what it means to trust him. He allows us these adventures in error in order to remind us that what good is found in us has only Him as its source.

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