Blonde for the Holidays!

Heya cats and kittens! Ah, fall. Sure, somedays it still feels like August, and other days we’re all waiting for snow.. but it’s that magical time of year that makes you pull out your flannel jammies and yearn for a nice fire in the hearth, and a nice mug of boozy hot chocolate in your hand! :) Come on.. you KNOW you want to! haha!

Talking about the autumn, lets talk about all those blondes out there! You’ve been gold, caramel, platinum and cream, sunny shades, cool shades, beige, champagne, and everything in between! There’s a certain kind of charm to a blonde that catches the eye… and the lighting of the season can have a lot to do with it! During the summer, when the sunlight is warm and yellow, that’s when we often shoot for those amazing platinum, cool shades. You can get away with it, with your nice golden tans- but as the seasons change, so does the light.

In the autumn, as we move farther away from the sun, the properties of light change and we loose that golden glow. The sunlight seems a little paler and weaker- and it can show different tones in a blonde that were’nt dominant before! Also, as things cool off, we move inside. That super beach-white blonde that looked so rockin’ in the summer sun can look blue or even GREY (AK! NOOO!!!) under harsh neon lighting, and strange overhead lights.

I remember a neat learning experience a client and I had a few years ago: we had her up to a beautiful summer platinum, and she was rockin’ it all the way! Good times! As the fall hit, she spent more and more time indoors… as she worked somewhere with a variety of lighting conditions, come October, we had QUITE the surprise! “Why is your hair GREY??” her co-workers kept asking? She’d run to the ladies room (where the yellow overhead lights cancelled out the cool blue cast by all the tinted windows in the main rooms) and see nothing but her normal colour. Then she’d head back to the main room, and have everyone question her colour all over again! Eventually, we realised it was the changing qualities of fall vs summer lighting that were causing the problems!

How to deal with it? Well, lowlights can add a bit of “natural” into those super lightened strands- give the cooler light something to play with. Toning to a softer, slightly warmer blonde can help as well! As a word to the wise: give us a chance! Most colourists love a good challenge- and we DON‘T follow you home or to work (i hope!), so we don’t know what you see while you’re there! Let us know if things are looking “funny” in different light, and then we can come up with a strategy to have you looking your very hot-blonde best into the cooler winter months!

Stay shiny and have a great week!

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