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Heya, cats and kittens! This week’s topic is hair colour!
Now that you’ve spent good money and time on getting your hair looking bright and awesome for the autumn, how do you KEEP it that way? EASY! Here are a few simple ideas to help you look your best and brightest!

1/ SULPHATES! Oh noooo!!! These tricky beasts are in LOTS of off-the-shelf hair products. Sulphates are a type of salt, and not only do they dry out your hair, they can make your ‘do shed precious colour as well as precious moisture! Luckily these bad boys are easy to avoid. There are PILES of sulphate-free products being marketed these days, both professional goodies available from your favourite stylist, and assorted tasty treats available on your every-day store shelves! *On a side note, you may want to see if these uglies are lurking in your body wash as well, as they can lead to the dreaded and scaly “Winter Skin” so many of us Canuks are doomed to in the upcoming colder months!

2/ COLD RINSES! Yay! I mean, booo! I mean…. uh. Did you just say COLD? Yeah- i did. I know the weather is starting to chill a little, and so should your brains! I love a steamy soak as much as the next warm-blooded person, but if I’m trying to keep my colour as well as my cool, I always give my hair a final rinse in C-C-C-COLD water! This doesn’t mean you have to shove your whole bod under the frozen stream- you could use your sink, or just a final quick duck under the tub faucet. Cold water helps to “shut down” the cuticle layer on the outside of your hair- much like how your goose-bumps help to close off the follicles in your skin to stop heat-loss. By “shutting down” your outer hair-layer, you lock in the colour AND create all kinds of crazy shine! Plus- try to snuggle back into bed after THAT cold-shot! WAKE UP!!!

3/ HEAT PROTECTION! I know, i know.. putting “cold” advice and then “hot” advice together might cause a little temperature confusion, but not to worry! Many of us turn to our friendly electrical hot tools in times of need (and frizz!)- just be sure to use a good heat protectant on your hair before giving it the sauna treatment! There are all kinds of types out there – look for the words “thermal”, “flat iron”, “hot tool” or just plain “heat protectant” in the name. Some kinds are a gloss you apply to dry hair- and you need very little to avoid the greasy look! Others are more in a gel or cream form you can apply to towel-dried hair prior to blowdrying! Both work great! The kind for damn hair can be applied from root to tip. The kind for DRY hair- I’d suggest applying from earlobes down, and then running any leftovers through the rest of your hair, especially bangs and the front hairline, where we all tend to “concentrate” our controlling efforts! Play around and see what works best for you. If you get carried away, the easiest solution is a quick re-wash.. with a cold-water rinse of course!

See you next week!

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  1. What a timely article!!! I just got my hair coloured today!!! and it looks fab!

    Thanks Morgan!