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Heya, cats and kittens! Sorry for the lack of columns for a few weeks- I’ve actually been on vacation! As this year’s Wedding Season draws to a close, more and more service personel like yours truly will be taking small bits of time off. It’s a bittersweet time- Weddings are a blast! On the other hand, it’s nice to get a Saturday off here and there again. Ah, choices! With that in mind, NOW is a great time to pre-book your various appointments for the upcoming (and not nearly as far away as you think!) Holiday season! Nail artists, waxers, makeup artists, hair stylists, colourists, RMTs and Chiropractors, estheticians and all the other folk who help spruce, pluck, style and shape you into perfection- we’ll all be getting ready for our own holiday seasons, both with our lovely clients AND with our own families!

Speaking of which- have you given a thought to YOUR holiday plans this year? Holiday shopping can offer you a great opportunity to try different products and services that you haven’t tried before. Many product manufacturers start coming out with awesome little gift packs- and the best thing about them? You DON‘T have to wait for Ol’ Sandy Claws to swing by before cracking them open! Gift packs can be a great way to sample things for yourself, or you can split them up to provide several stocking stuffers or holiday gifts, if you’re so inclined. Many businesses offer incentives to clients to start off the New Year with a bang, so don’t be shy to inquire at your favourite place of business about that sort of thing.

Yeah, yeah.. I know. I’m scaring a LOT of you by mentioning “Holiday” things already… but… It’s almost October… and THAT means…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :) Just happens to be my favourite holiday!

Did you know: October actually means “the Eighth Month“.. which is was, until New Years’ Day was moved to January, from its original date in MARCH!! I don’t know why it was moved but, at least it gives us something to look forwards to in January (and no-doubt gives us time to shore up our livers before the Booze Fest that is St.Patrick’s Day in March! ha!)

Have an awesome week guys!

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