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Heya Cats and Kittens

So, SPOOKY TIME is upon us.. are you getting ready? We have a few more weeks to go before Scare Time, but now can be a PRETTY HAIRY SCARY time all on its own! As the season changes, you may find some of your hair products “give up the ghost”, and stop working in familiar ways. NOT TO WORRY! Most likely to blame, the moisture level in the air outside AND in your lovely locks! That doesn’t mean you have to toss that old favourite hair goo- you just might need to switch up the way you’ve been using it!

In the summer, like we’ve talked about before, hair can get super dried out. The sun, the wind, pool chemicals, that incident with the BBQ that no one wants to mention.. all these things add up to crunchy ends and flyaways. Once the cooler fall air hits, it’s a different story. The weather is no longer so moist, so you lose a little less moisture into the general atmosphere than you did before. Also, cooler weather “shuts down” the cuticle outer layer of your hair- making hair smoother and shinier! (Just like using a cool rinse, or the cold-shot button on your hair dryer!) Because of this, products that used to sink into your hair now linger on top, causing more build up and weight, and less volume. Ironically, your hair can appear LESS shiny right now, due to this! Try using 1/3 to 1/2 LESS product than you’ve been using, particularly if it’s something you apply to dry hair. If you’re using a leave-in type product, try adding it from the ear-lobes down (in case of conditioner-type things), or massaging it JUST into the root area (for volumizing stuff).

It’s always a good idea to keep an every-day shampoo, conditioner, and a heavier conditioner on hand.. just be gentle with your usage! If you find your hair getting dry, or seeming dull- bump up that conditioner a little! If you find your hair getting limp and lazy, cut back a little. I tend to do my heavy conditioning on those sort of chilly, boring “laundry” sundays, where I know I’m less likely to run into a lot of people. It’s my “recovery” day, and a chance for my hair to enjoy a little pampering. On those days, I don’t straighten or blowdry! If you see me running around with a flat mop on my head, you can guess what day it is. ;)

Stay on top of these weather changes, and you’ll be set to scare your neighbours in STYLE! (now when it comes to makeup.. uh.. you’re on your own there, Punky Brewster!) Have a great week and talk to you soon!


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