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How about a little Autumn analogy to get us through the seasonal transitions going on? Don’t forget that THIS SUNDAY is the end of Daylight Savings Time… so all clocks go back one hour. We’re also officially in the “darker half” of the year now, and we’ve entered into the one month of the year without a happy holiday to break it up! This is because us Canadians celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday in October- fun for us then, but it can make November a long and dreary month!

Here are some interesting facts to help brighten us up a bit!

Did you know: MONDAY NOVEMBER 7th is the actual date of “Samhain” this year? Samhain is the ancient Gaelic harvest festival that used to mark the split between the “light half” of the year -spring and summer- and the “dark half” – fall and winter! This “in between time” later became incorporated into our modern-day Hallowe’en celebrations, and is part of the reason people say that All Hallow’s Eve (Oct 31st) is a “time between worlds”. Sounds like the “time between touch-ups” to me! Hee hee hee. But, if you’re feeling a little “rooty” this week, just tell people you’re practicing your own Pagan Harvest Festival!

The moisture content of the air is set to drop dramatically this time of year– but only inside our houses! Think about it! That winter chill starts to seep up from the floorboards, so we all start cranking up our furnaces. YAY! Toasty warm! Just keep in mind that the dreaded “winter itch” is soon to follow, if you’re not taking care of yourself! I know I turn into a powdered white donut come this time of year– hee hee- so I break out the body lotion and conditioner. Something to help your skin AND hair make it through- try adding a cooler rinse to the end of your shower! It will help lock down the cuticle layer of your hair- something I’ve mentioned before- AND helps trap moisture in the skin. Also! While still a wee bit damp from your ablutions, toss on that body lotions AND some leave-in conditioner! The extra moisture in both your hair and skin will stop you from “electrifying” everyone with your static charge, and let your charm light up the room instead.

Fun activity! If you want to check how dry your environmental air is, turn off the lights! In a dark room- and the bedroom works best for this (don’t look at me like that! Ha!)- rumple up your fuzzy sheets, or climb inside a blanket fort! Once the sheets start rubbing on eachother and on your hair and clothes- you should be able to see sparks! This is static electricity at work- and looks SO fun! You can also try chomping Winter Green Certs, and see sparks! While fun, remember that this little experiment might be telling you it’s time to turn on the humidifyer as well!

If you’re really feeling crunchy, try adding some essential fatty acids to your diet! Either in supplement form, or drops, or even in a bumped-up application of healthy olive oil to your meals- EFAs help keep your hair and skin supple and soft, and help keep your moisturized! And, they are good for your pets too! Pets with healthy skin and coats itch and shed LESS, so you have to vaccuum less! Always a plus.

Have an amazing week, everyone, and see you soon!

<3 Morgan

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