Hairspace Episode 10

Phew! December! Who would have thought it would show up with such a bang? Well. i guess the bang was yesterday, but still. Hee hee. Surprise! You never know what the weather is going to throw at you-, so this week, lets go over some winter essentials that can help you through the season!

At home: You know I’m going to start the list off with conditioner! It’s important to feed that hair as we make the switch to indoor, dried air. Not only will this keep those locks shiny and soft, it will help tame fly-aways AND keep your scalp from succumbing to the dreaded “winter itch”. Next up? Lotion for that sexy body of yours! Don’t be shy, a little goes a long way- and don’t neglect those poor knuckles, elbows and knees! Joints tend to have less oil glands than other areas of our bodies, so they dry out much faster. No one wants bleeding knuckles! (And throw some bleach in there doing highlights? YOWCH!!) What else do you need? Lip gloss! Even dudes can benefit from some sort of lip-cream. It doesn’t HAVE to be bright red, but if yours is.. I won’t tell a soul. This is the one area where wax can be a good thing for the body- think how often you kiss, eat, or lick those lips of yours! Something with a nice emollient wax base will linger LONG past a traditionally sticky gloss. There’s a reason Chapstick is the leader in this department! A good cuticle cream can help you look your best through the winter as well- it softens your cuticles so you get rid of that crusty layer near your nails.. but it also feeds the nail beds themselves, helping your talons to remain supple and strong! You want those hands feeling awesome so you can scrunch up snowballs all day!

On the go: Yep, there are some essentials you should consider packing along with you on your various winter travels. Chapstick or a nice, simple lip smoothie is a great friend- and can be used to tame wayward eyebrow hairs, those little hairline baby-hairs, and random dry spots as well! What else should you pack along? Throw a dryer sheet in your pocket! I’m not totally crazy- a quick pass with a fabric softener sheet is a fantastic way to quickly calm down that ferocious winter static that comes along with your favourite toque or scarf! If you’re a fan of winter wonderland-style family photo shoots, don’t forget to pack a little lotion. Rub that into noses and cheeks before posing in your favourite snowdrift, and you’re much less likely to be sporting a case of windburn later. Check to be sure that lotion contains sunscreen, too! Those winter days can be awfully bright- and just because we’re not getting the heat, doesn’t mean your skin isn’t feeling the burn!

Gift Giving: Now that December is here, many of us will be starting to feel the panic of holiday shopping settling onto our shoulders. For easy solutions, don’t forget to ask your favourite stylist what sort of holiday packs might be available! As one gift, or split into a host of little gifts or stocking stuffers, hair products can be an easy gift to give. After all- everyone washes their hair! (at least a conditioner rinse!)

Have a great holiday season, everyone, no matter what you decide to celebrate. Stay moisturized, and have fun!


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