After the Iranian revolution in 1979 began and students and militants took the staff of the US Embassy hostage, it was discovered that 6 staff members had escaped and were being hidden by the Canadian Ambassador. The CIA drew up a wild plan to rescue the staff members before it was discovered they were missing and possibly killed.

ArgoBased upon a true story, Argo, is both directed and stars Ben Affleck, with a strong supporting cast of Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman. The roles of the 6 hostages are played by lesser known, but no lesser talented actors and the Canadian Ambassador is played by London, Ontario‘s own Victor Garber!

The actual plot, which is pretty much given away in the trailers, is almost too fantastic to be true. The fact that this really did take place just makes the movie all the more enjoyable, knowing that it is based on fact. Director Affleck gave the movie an almost retro look with the picture looking like it was shot in the very early 80s. There is no digital look to this film.

For a 2 hour movie, the pace both keeps the viewer engaged and feels perfect, with very few slow moments. With some dry lines to stop the mood becoming too serious, Argo is a very well balanced effort that substitutes action for tension.

With the movie scoring high on (8.0 out of 10), (86 out of 100) and RottenTomatoes (94%), Argo is a welcome alternative to the seemingly endless parade of horror movies that relentlessly appear each October. A great, tense movie that during the end credits compares scenes from the movie with actual photographs from the incident, showing just how close both the actors and the scenes mirrored the real thing.

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