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The relationship of two childhood friends is put to the test when one gets engaged, leaving the other the wonder where her life is going.

Billed as the female Hangover, Bridesmaids tries to live up to the billing but a chick flick keeps getting in the way. An enjoyable cast for the most part, the main character is played by Kristen Wiig, a Saturday Night Live alum. It seems that time after time, a comedian from the show is given a movie to carry and more often than not, the movie fails and the actor resumes bit parts. Wiig is a good actress who tends to play the goofy too much.

Playing a love interest of Wiig’s character is Chris O’Dowd, him of the wonderful I.T. Crowd. It appears that Seth Rogan was unavailable for the movie and so O’Dowd was drafted in. This isn’t to put down O’Dowd’s performance. He is fun to watch and one thing that puts him above Rogan is that he doesn’t have an annoying laugh.

The tempo of Bridesmaids feels like a symphony, conducted by someone with Saint Vitus Dance. One moment you have humour, sometimes using swearing and/or bodily functions to emphasize things. The next, it is a chick flick, concerned about a lonely woman who is unable to make anything work. The up and down nature of the movie means that the moments when the humour occurs appear over the top and forced, while the serious moments appear over dramatic.

There are some very funny lines in Bridesmaids but on the whole, it feels as if it is trying too hard to be a crude comedy in the footsteps of Knocked Up and Superbad. Perhaps my Y chromosome is affecting my opinion but Bridesmaids fails to be a successful movie because it is too busy trying to be two different movies in one.

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