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During World War 2, a 7 stone weakling, determined to join the fight despite his size and ailments finds himself as the subject of an experiment to create the ultimate soldier. Even after the experiment he discovers it is harder to get to the front line than he expected.

Fully titled Captain America: The First Avenger, the movie is an origin movie of a super hero that gains his abilities through an experiment rather than naturally and the focus of the character is that because he grew up under sized and under powered, he understands how to use his power for good.

Chris Evans stars Captain Steve Rogers and through the magic of movies appears as the 7 stone weakling before grow several inches and a large amount of muscles. With Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving and Stanley Tucci supporting, the level of acting is pretty high. While not played for laughs, Captain America has the moments that keep the movie balanced with the straight faced action.

Based on the classic comic book, there is a lot of vehicles that have been designed for the movie including tanks, some great looking motorbikes and a truly fantastic plane. The laser guns are perhaps a bit much but other than that, the technology blends in.

The first five minutes could have been confused with The Thing but other than that, there is no confusion about this movie. It is a great super hero origin movie for a lessor known DC character. There was nothing that spoiled the action, and rewarding the viewer with a very enjoyable experience.

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