A child of 9, in Columbia, witnesses her parents being murdered and only just manages to escape with her life. Once she has made her way from Columbia to the United States, she chooses to become a cold hearted killer hell bent on revenge.

Colombiana stars one of the ‘it’ girls in movies at the moment, Zoe Saldana, and she shows the reasons why she is so indemand with film makers. Not only can she hold her own with the violent, kick arse portions of movies but she is a very well rounded actress as well. Watching Ms Saldana in any scene is always enjoyable and nearly always believable.

This is a movie with several French connections, from Luc Besson to Oliver Megaton and this gives the movie a different feel to the Hollywood made movies. While it has all the action of other movies of the same genre, it has the feel of a French made movie, with the timings, the styles and even some of the action. This is all to the benefit of the movie.

If you are looking for an action movie that perhaps is flying under the radar of bigger movies, than Colombiana may be what you are looking for. A thoroughly enjoyable action packed movie that delivers everything you want.

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