Easy A

A high school nobody tells one little lie and the next thing, she is the talk of the school as the rumours spiral out of control. Will this go too far?

What looks to be a run of the mill teenage comedy turns out to be anything but. Easy A is a very clever movie that deals with the way rumours spread. It stars Emma Stone, who is always a pleasure to watch, as Olive, an average student, quiet but intelligent whose one little lie sets off a series of rumours. Easy A doesn’t lack big name stars either. Thomas Haden Church, Malcolm McDowell and Stanley Tucci to name a few.

Whereas most teen movies tend to rely on sex, swearing or other cliches, Easy A avoids them all, which considering the subject matter, is pretty amazing. The tone of the movie is never lowered and the way it is presented is unique and works really well. All in all, Easy A easily gets an A grade.

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