Fast Five

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Dom and Brian find themselves in Rio where they get on the bad side of the ruling drug lord of the city as well as the most determined federal agent the US has to offer.

The fifth installment of a series that has gone from good to OK to crap to a bit better. This movie is probably the best of the series if you enjoy your action plentiful, a varied cast, fancy driving and a big fight between two big bald men. Sometimes the laws of physics takes a backseat to the action but unless you are Brian Cox, chances are you won’t mind too much.

Fast Five, which seems to feature more than five people, stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson. With this caliber of talent you are never going to get an Oscar for acting but they are more than acceptable. In true Ocean’s 11 fashion, the ‘crew’ are made up of a varied crowd, some more memorable than others. Gal Gadot stood out as the Israeli weapons specialist.

Fast Five is a heist movie that features cars. There is more than enough action to keep fans of pop corn movies happy and as it did appropriately well at the box office, has encouraged at least one more in the series. If they keep this, it will be motorized wheel chairs they are driving rather than fast cars.

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