Hanna (film)
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A young girl, raised by her father in the wilderness above the arctic circle, finds herself on the run from rogue agents who want her and her father dead.

Played by Saoirse Ronan, Hanna is a wonderful character. A young girl who has not experienced the outside world and yet is thrust into it. A lot of the movie is about her discovery of the world and herself. Ronan is a real joy to watch. Her father is played by a bearded and bedraggled Eric Bana with Cate Blanchett attempting a hideous southern US accent while wearing a red wig.

Hanna feels like Le Femme Nikita with it’s strong female lead and the look of the movie. It certainly isn’t for everyone, subtitles and the style of the movie probably putting some people off, but Hanna is a very enjoyable movie if it is what you like.

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