An ex-marine, working for a private security firm finds herself betrayed and setup and must fight to both clear her name and find out who is behind the betrayal and why.

Haywire stars Gina Carano, real life MMF star, as Mallory Kane. Kane is very good at what she does and how she handles every situation. Carano, in her first big role, is impressive to say the least. Beautiful but with an edge, Carano can certainly handle herself well. While other female leads might have a movie fight, they never look as convincing as they should. Carano on the other hand is very convincing. Perhaps the only thing not convincing is the fact that her co-stars can fight as long as they do.

Talking of co-stars, Haywire features a great cast, including Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton, Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum.

Haywire, is not your run of the mill ‘framed’ thriller. It has a different pace and style, something more akin to the Bourne series than Salt. The story telling jumps around and there are moments of un-intended humour but the movie is overall enjoyable.

Strong female leads have long been a draw to movie goers, with movies such as Aliens and Kill Bill leading the way. In many ways, Haywire is a combination of Nikita (from Le Femme Nikita) and River Tam (from Serenity / Firefly).

It must be stated that while Angelina Jolie is great in her action roles, Gina Carano looks like Angelina Jolie would if she really did do the roles she plays in the movies. If there is any justice in the world, Gina Carano will be the next big female action star and will join the ranks of Jolie, Weaver, and Jovovich as the next kick ass girl in the movies.

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