In Time

In the future, there will be no money, only time. Humans will be biologically altered so that on their 25th birthday, their clock starts ticking and they stop aging. Their clock starts at 1 year and they can earn more time by working. When the clock gets down to zero, they die. One man finds himself with more time on his hands than he should have and decides to put it to good use.

Starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy, In Time is a movie about a man trying to upset the balance of the world.  Simply substitute time for money and you have countless other movies, so while the time element is unique, the rest of the plot isn’t.  The fact that everyone stops aging at 25 means that there are no old people in this movie, regardless that all the main actors are older than 25 with Murphy actually being 35 at time of filming!

Since In Time is set in the future, there are obviously some changes although they appear to be restricted to time related objects and for some reason vehicles. All make a whine as if electric although there is no explanation and all the police appear to drive classic Dodger Chargers with matt black paint, and fancy grills.

While an interesting idea, In Time falls flat in execution. The main actors are not enough to remain interested, with Cillian Murphy trying to play the experienced, hard ass cop which in the ends just looks silly. If you are stuck on a long flight and this is on, you might as well watch it but otherwise, nah.

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  1. The trailer looked better than the actual movie but perhaps someone else can take a similar concept and make a much better movie?