A secret service agent who is wrongly accused of murder finds himself needed to save the daughter of the president of the US who just happens to be on an orbiting maximum security prison in space, when a prisoner takeover happens.

If the plot sounds vaguely familiar, well that’s because it is. There was a movie released in 1981, starring Kurt Russell and Lee Van Cleef, that you might have heard of? Escape from New York. A couple of changes and you have Lockout.

Lockout stars actor Guy Pearce who has starred in movies such as Momento and L.A. Confidential as well as Australian soaps Neighbours and Home and Away, as Snow, an incredibly wise cracking agent. If you can remember the Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies of the 1980s with those groan inducing one liners, you can imagine what the dialogue is like only delivered by a very good actor. He is tasked with rescuing the presidents daughter, played by Maggie Grace who always seems to be the damsel in distress in movies.

There is a good supporting cast with actors such as Peter Stormare and Lennie James although threatening to totally taking over the movie is Joseph Gilgun who plays the insanely criminally insane Hydell.

So far there is a reheated plot with minor changes, and a good cast lead by a great actor dropping one liners everytime he talks. The special effects are very poor at the start but once in space, things start to looking a lot better. The slow special effects scenes look great but once things speed up, things become a litter blurry.

One other point is that it appears that as soon as an actress gets her hair cut short in the movie and dyes it dark, she suddenly looks like Angelina Jolie, not only in looks but almost in the way she walks as well. Maggie Grace is not exception.

For once, a movie with the genius Luc Besson involved, Lockout is not a fantastic movie. It is a good movie although as already mentioned with a second hand plot and some second rate special effects. What makes the movie enjoyable to watch is Guy Pearce playing the dry witted Snow. Him and Joseph Gilgun whose role appears to suggest that all crazy prisoners are Scottish.

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