Looper movie posterIn the near future, there are a group of assassins named Loopers. Another 30 years in the future time travel is used by crime organizations to send back people they want removed and the looper kills them and disposes of their bodies. No trace of the crime in the future. The one downside of this high paying job is that you may be asked to one day kill your future self.

The near future is not a pleasant place to live, and while this is a time travelling science fiction movie, there are no laser guns, robots, or any of the other tropes that are associated with movie with science fiction and time travel. Instead the future is presented in a realistic, yet depressing way.

The main character is named Joe, who is a looper, who is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who since ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ has become a very talented and watchable actor with recent roles in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. His future, or old, self is played by Bruce Willis whose science fiction pedigree includes great movies such as The Fifth Element and another time travelling movie, Twelve Monkeys. There are very slight make up and prosthetics worn by Gorgon-Levitt that while barely noticeable, change his face just enough to make him a believable younger version of Bruce Willis. Another very popular at the moment actor is Emily Blunt who plays Sara who plays the mother to Cid, played by the incredibly talented young actor, Pierce Gagnon. The main cast is completed with Jeff Daniels as Abe, who takes a timeout from playing Will McAvoy in the incredible HBO show, The Newsroom.

Looper is both written and directed by Rian Johnson, a relatively new face to movie goers. The plot of Looper could easily be mistaken for a Phillip K. Dick short story, which is high praise. For a movie named Looper, there are no obvious plot holes.

While Looper features two versions of the main character, albeit, a young and an old version, it never gets so confusing that the plot gets too convoluted to follow. It is a rare science fiction movie that doesn’t rely on special effects, and while this is a very rare movie, there are a few key moments that use incredible special effects.

Looper is a very unique movie, one that is as successful as a science fiction movie as it is an action one. The lead actors all bring their A game especially Pierce Gagnon who is fantastic. Looper should attract a wide audience, from science fiction fans, to those who enjoy watching favourite actors, to anyone looking for a very entertaining 2 hours at the movies.

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