Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Ethan Hunt
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Falsely blamed and disavowed by the IMF and country, Ethan Hunt, along with the three remaining members must track down the mastermind of a terrorist attack on the Kremlin and stop him before he performs the ultimate act of terrorism.

The fourth and latest movie of the Mission Impossible series takes place all over the world, from Russia, to Dubai, to India, much like a James Bond movie. As with Bond movies, there are improbable gadgets, lots of action and a few witty lines to break up the action.

As with the other IM movies, Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, the always serious, mission before anything else, lead character. Joining him from the last movie is Benji, ex gadget man, and now a field agent supplying the humour, played by Simon Pegg. Paula Patton, previously seen as the leading lady in forgettable Deja Vu, plays Jane, and while she is obviously beautiful, and a talented actress, it is hard not to think that the role was written for the current kick ass girl, Zoe Saldana, who would probably have made a better job of it. The other new-comer to the team is Brandt, played by Jeremy Renner. Renner is a great actor who is on the rise. Not only did he star in The Hurt Locker, but in the near future he will be playing Hansel in a very updated and apparently violent movie of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Hawkeye in the muchly anticipated movie, The Avengers, and taking the lead role from Matt Damon with The Bourne Legacy.

Ghost Protocol is a movie that is visually stunning. Several scenes take place in Dubai and all of them are spectacular. It isn’t a grimy realistic movie by any means.

The one questionable thing about the movie is that during the opening credits, the audience is treated to clips of the movie, pretty much revealing what the action is about to take place. While television shows such as Space 1999 and the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica both used the technique, using it for a movie doesn’t make as much sense as it would for a television series.

Other than that, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is a fun movie to watch, but one that perhaps would feel more at home being released during the summer with the other light, popcorn movies.

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