Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

In the fifth installment of the series, Ethan Hunt finds himself fighting a mysterious organization called the Syndicate, which others don’t believe exists.

By now, everyone and their pony will have seen the trailer featuring Tom Cruise avoiding carry on fees by holding on to the outside of the plane as it takes off. It is on the posters, the clips shown on chat shows, it looks like the stunning climax of a great movie. Only it isn’t the climax, far from it. Talk about whetting your appetite!

Cruise is re-joined by Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames as well as Alex Baldwin as the head of the CIA, Sean Harris as Solomon Lane, leader of the opposition, and newcomer Rebecca Ferguson who makes a very big impact with this movie. Ferguson showed more than enough to suggest she might be a future female action star.

It is a change of pace to have the enemy be a faceless organization rather than a random country, it is well past time that movie makers stopped using “Rogue Nations” such as China or North Korea as the boogie man.

There are plenty of breathtaking stunts and action set pieces that take the audiences breath away as well as the apparently obligatory scenes of Tom Cruise running and Tom Cruise riding a motorbike which seem to happen in every one of his movies.

In a possible first for a blockbuster movie, opera music which is used as the backdrop to an action scene crops up as parts of the soundtrack a few more times during the movie.

It has to be said that Impossible Mission: Rogue Nation is a spectacular movie, with the added bonus of not being in 3-D! It is well worth spending a few dollars to see.

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