Movie Review 2012

On 21st December 2012 the Mayan’s predict that…. ah screw it, its the end of the world as you know it! There will be fire, water and John Cusack.

I could go on about the acting, the plot such as it is, but the truth is, this is a movie about special effects and death and destruction. While the science may or may not be accurate, not being a scientist I honestly don’t know or care although I did see a discovery movie (Supervolcano) that contained a large part of the destruction featured in this movie.

Joseph Stalin is credited (incorrectly apparently) with saying “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic” and this movie proves this to be true. When part of the united states falls into the sea, its hard to really care that Hollywood will be no longer making movies, Two and a Half men will no longer be shot and LA Lakers will never win another championship. Actually I still am not that concerned.

The destruction is overwhelming to the point that it just fades into the background rather than staying front and center. The effects of the destruction is OK, imaginative but not the most convincing. Its fun to watch but unlike the ground, I wasn’t moved.

Woody Harrelson does stand out as a complete nutter who predicts the end of the world but doesn’t stay around long enough to bring some comic relief to a movie that starts as a downer and doesn’t really stop.

Failed relationships are wrapped around the plot like vines choking the life out of the movie. A old guy on a cruise didn’t really make me care that one of them is estranged from his son. The lead character, played by John Cusack, is a divorced father with two small children living with their mother and her boyfriend. The president of the USA doesn’t have perfect relationship with his daughter. Shame no one makes a movie where there is a happy family who stays together.

2012 is directed by Roland Emmerich who had previously made The Day After Tomorrow, and Independence Day among others puts in his signature moments as usual. The most noticeable moment is the dog having a close call. In both movies aforementioned as well as 2012, a dog has a near death moment.

There are very clever movies, intelligent movies, movies where you put your brain in neutral and sit back and enjoy, and then there are movies such as 2012 which is dumb and boring, wrapped up in special effects and ineffective characters who I found it very hard to care about. If you like destruction that looks like its caused by Chuck Norris and Godzilla fighting underground, try and find a movie that features Chuck Norris and Godzilla fighting underground and if you fail to do that, you can watch this, I guess, if you are bored, I mean really bored!

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