Movie Review – 300

300 Spartans battle an army of a million commanded by the King God Xerxes.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Frank Miller, review here,  and boasting a very similar colour scheme as well, 300 is a swords and sandals movie that is dramatic, highly stylised and coincidentally considering its roots, graphic. Gerard Butler commands both the Spartans and the screen in his performance of King Leonidas. As with all the actors, Butler looks as if he has been spending a lot of time at the gym, and most definitely looks the part of a warrior king.

This is a dramatic movie that just happens to have a lot of sword play and some brilliantly portrayed battles. It is a brutal tale, well told, that doesn’t pull any punches. There are  quite a few quotes and one liners that if spoken in another movie, such as James Bond or an Ahnold movie, perhaps would seem cheesy, but here, it feels as if the Spartans are that confident in themselves that it works.

There are somethings that perhaps stop this from being one of the greatest movies ever. There are scenes, ones not from the graphic novel, that slow the movie down, and I have to admit, Butler’s Scottish accent does make it feel like Sean Connery fighting the Persians!

This is a very enjoyable movie, filled with gore, testosterone and courage. I am not sure if it matches up to the graphic novel, but with the graphic novel being that good, that is a difficult thing to achieve.

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