Movie Review – Attack the Block

A gang of teenagers on an council estate in South London find themselves fighting of vicious aliens on Guy Fawkes night.

In a year where there were so many alien movies, such as Battle Los Angeles, Super 8, Cowboys and Aliens, and of course, not forgetting Paul, perhaps the most enjoyable, original, cheapest, alien themed thrill ride of the year.

With a cast of mainly little known actors, with the exception of Nick Frost, the main characters are so enjoyable to watch. All are very believable, and while so much of the dialogue is heavily accented slang, subtitles would be hilarious to read along with, you start to understand what they are saying without really understanding.

The last time I heard this much swearing, it was while watching Goodfellas. So much effing but it really sells the whole South London council estate scene. The budget for the movie was 13 million US ( and most of that probably went on the aliens which are original and wonderful. So many times during the movie I felt as if I was watching District 13 remade, it had the same feeling and style which totally worked.

Even the ending was more European than North American, with it being ambiguous. There are issues with it, but none large enough to spoil a truly fun movie. Once you get past the accents and the slang, you have a great movie.

It is such a good movie that, predictably, there is talk of either a remake or a TV series coming from it.

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