Movie Review – Bon Cop Bad Cop

A murder on the border of Ontario and Quebec means two detectives have to work together to solve the crime, and try to prevent more from occurring. The problem, one is from Quebec and the other, Ontario.

A brilliant twist on the ‘cop paired up with other cop‘ movie. While both the main characters are bi-lingual, the language barrier is still used to great effect. With Patrick Huard as David Bouchard (the French speaking) and Colm Feore as Martin Ward (the English), you have two good actors who not only brought good acting ability to the movie but also show off their comedic timing over and over.

The plot revolves over a murderer who is going around killing people associated with ice hockey, and several times references, not too kind references, are made to real life people and events. This just adds to the hilarity.

I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. A brilliant Canadian movie.

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  1. Did you just use the words “brilliant” and “Canadian Movie” in the same sentence??? *lol*

    I would have to agree though!

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