Movie Review – Bullitt

A San Francisco cop is ordered to protect a witness who is going to testify against the mob but when the witness is killed, the cop must find out who and why.

Steve McQueen stars in this classic cop movie that is perhaps most famous for its iconic Mustang vs Charger car chase. The movie itself is full of late 60s cool, with McQueen being the coolest of the cool. Even the simple act of Lt. Bullitt walking to the corner shop and picking up some food is cool. There are no actors today who can match the masculinity and cool factor of McQueen who, without even trying, simply by the way he dressed or moved, exuded star power.

The funny thing about the movie is that so many people remember the car chase but unlike most movies, the car chase isn’t the climax of the movie, it takes place in the middle,

Bullitt is a movie that, without which, there wouldn’t have been some of the later classic movies such as French Connection. This is a classic movie in every possible way.

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