Movie Review – Deja Vu

A ferry transporting sailors in New Orleans explodes with huge loss of life and ATF agent Doug Carlin is called in. While investigating the bombing, he is sidetracked when a beautiful woman is washed up on the river suffering injuries from the bombing but who is found two hours before the bomb explodes.

Denzel Washington stars as the ATF agent in this thriller about a bombing and using unusual methods to find the killer. This isn’t a bad movie but it won’t go down in history as one of the best either. The main ‘twist’ to the tail is a machine that has the ability to look back four days and 6 hours into the past, where you can view the past as it happens. Its a really good idea and one that is well played, until the obvious Hollywood plot turn. I don’t want to spoil the non surprise but if the film maker
(the great Tony Scott) could have avoided it, the movie would have been a lot better. In places the movie is hokey and yet still enjoyable. Filmed in New Orleans, you don’t see a lot, but you see enough of the damage and destruction that still litters the city.

To be honest, Deja Vu has more than a feel of Enemy of the State (also directed by Mr Scott) and what builds as a good thriller feels somewhat let down by the obvious ending. If this had been a pilot for a television series about the device and the main characters, then this would have rocked but as is, its an OK movie with a great cast, fantastic locations and a reasonable plot.

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