Movie Review – Down With Love

A female author from New England travels to New York to get her book, Down With Love, published. In order to get the book publicized, the author and her editor try to get the most famous journalist and world renowned playboy to interview the author but things don’t go as planned.

While Down With Love was released in 2003, this is a movie very much in the style of Rock Hudson/Doris Day romantic comedies of the early sixties.  Apart from actually being set in the 1960s, Down With Love seems to capture the filmatic style of those earlier movies. Car scenes with poor back projection seems intentional rather the accidental.

Down With Love stars Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor, abley supported by Sarah Paulson and David Hyde Pierce as his neaurotic best. The acting is wonderful and fun to watch. Obviously this being a movie made in 2003, it is not as innocent as a Hudson/Day movie but they keep it in the same style and for children watching, most if not all the innuendo will be above their heads. The clever script keeps the movie sexy without being rude or obvious.

Technically not a chick flick, this is a movie that can be appreciated by either gender and should be viewed at least once a year, if only to counter balance all the juvenile sex comedies that are released all the time.

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