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Ed Hardy was in 1945 and from a very early age showed a lot of talent creating art. Also from an early age he became interested in tattoos and tattooing. This documentary follows his story from birth right up to today where he is creating fantastic art on canvases that are not human skin.

In the age of TLC and the whole collection of tattoo shows such as Miami Ink, L.A. Ink, and Inked, Ed Hardy is probably the most famous tattoo artist in the world that you are unaware of. His early tattoo work of Americana standards for sailors in San Diego mixed with his later love of Japanese traditional tattooing has resulted in an instantly recognizable style that you can see from clothing stores to anywhere that sells perfume to shoe stores.

You will have seen his work, it stands out as clean, stylish and rarely actually on skin. A lot of his work incorporates skulls, roses, hearts and even tigers and dragons. There is a quality to the Ed Hardy brands that blurs the boundries between simple tattoos and art. If you have ever been in a tattoo studio and looked at the pages upon pages of ‘flash’ or pre-designed tattoos available you will realise that the brand of Ed Hardy boasts ‘flash’ quality work but with incredible design ideas that you would be hard pressed to see in a normal studio.

The documentary interviews the artists Hardy has worked with through the years and how he was at the start of the tribal tattoos that seem so common place in today’s world. It is a real eye opener for anyone who thought that the Ed Hardy brand was simply a clever style that a team of designers were involved in. It also shows just how famous Ed Hardy, or at least the brand and his style of art, really is. With stores around the world and the opportunity to buy Ed Hardy branded footwear, purses, T-shirts, hats, purfume and even professional styling tools such as hair dryers, there are few if any tattoo artists with this much global coverage and only a handful of actual living artists who are more famous.

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