Movie Review – Funny People

A famous stand-up comedian turned movie star is diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Feeling lonely, he hires an up and coming comedian to help write him some material and the two develop an awkward friendship.

Adam Sandler is George Simmons, playing a character that pretty much reflects his own career. Simmons has pretty much become alone, if you discount the meaningless one night stands, who finds himself looking for companionship as he faces his possible death. Seth Rogen is Ira Wright, a stand up comedian who is also a talented writer. No matter what movie Rogen is in and no matter who he is playing, he still has that same annoying laugh.

Director Judd Apatow usually casts his wife, Leslie Mann, in his movies for that I am eternally grateful. Leslie Mann is, to me, gorgeous and very talented. I honestly could watch her for hours, and her acting too! I would hate to have to choose between her and Angelina Jolie…….right!!!

Funny People is darkly funny, with a wicked wit. Lots of one liners that zing back and forth like bullets. Adam Sandler is an under appreciated serious actor who only seems to get props for the silly comedies that made him famous. In this movie he is convincing as a man who has lost a lot of what he had and is feeling empty because of it.

Thanks to this movie, I am now a huge fan of the Warren Zevon song “Keep me in your heart” which was perfect for this movie.

Funny People is a serious movie that is hilarious with off color humor, which fades in the last half hour, leaving a drama and for that, it misses being an excellent movie, becoming only a very good movie.

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