Movie Review – Hoodwinked

The true story of little red riding hood!

Another animated movie although this time, not from Pixar or Disney or anyone else famous. This is a very witty tale of what actually went down at Granny’s House when the wolf turned up. While pinching a little bit from various movies such as XXX and The Usual Suspects, Hoodwinked is very original with its plot and execution.

The amination is not as good as Pixar’s but because of the stylized characters, it doesn’t matter. It does feel like this movie was made for not a lot of money but it still rocks. The voice talent includes Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, Jim Belushi, Andy Dick and the great and wonderful David Ogden Stiers.

Early in the movie it becomes obvious who the bad guy is but it doesn’t affect the movie at all. Its clever style and action keeps the movie running with good pace.

A very enjoyable movie, and when taking into account how much this movie probably cost to make, a great movie indeed! Did I mention the crazy squirrel?

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