Movie Review – Hot Fuzz

Nicholas Angel is a victim of his own success. With an arrest record that towers above all others in the metropolitan police force it is decided that for the good of the force, he must be moved, to Sandford. The most peaceful town in the country. Once there he realises not everything is as it seems.

The boys from Shaun of the Dead are back with their take on cop buddy movies. Simon Pegg & Nick Frost pair up as the most unlikely duo since the last cop buddy movie. They even reference other cop buddy movies. This is not just another cop buddy movie.

Hot Fuzz is a very clever movie that is good AND witty. There are many one liners that will probably be missed the first time around but you will catch enough of them to laugh time and time again. This is probably as gruesome as Shaun of the Dead with some inventive death scenes.  While being a parody of the buddy movies, Hot Fuzz is still original, while taking parts from the aforementioned movies. The dialog is what keeps the movie from straying into Scary Movie territory, with a very sharp edge to a lot of the conversations.

A great following up to Shaun of the Dead and yet another movie I will have to buy on DVD when released in three weeks time!

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