Movie Review – I am Legend

A man survives in New York City three years after a man made cure for cancer mutates and kills the majority of the worlds population. By day he searches for a cure but by night he hides from those who the cure didn’t kill.

Will Smith stars in perhaps his hardest role to date, hard because for the majority of the time, he is alone on the screen and yet has to express a large range of emotions. This is a remake, or alternative take on a story that has been made at least twice before but this version is very convincing and realistic. An overgrown New York City is very well done and the tension builds nicely  throughout.

Again, due to product placement, I did find it annoying that every single vehicle that was chosen to drive turned out to be a Ford brand. Are you telling me that in a deserted NYC, the coolest car left to drive would be a Ford Mustang, and a GT500 at that, thanks to the obvious close up on the model name.

This is a enjoyable movie, especially if you enjoy the odd jump. While not exactly scary, there are several moments where it has been edited to make the audience jump or at least start. The second half of the movie does appear to have been cobbled together quickly and without too much forethought as our heroes situation changes quickly and there is more than one coincidence occurring to help tie the plot together. I had to wonder if M. Night had written the plot at one point.

Not a bad movie but one that left me feeling a little flat at the end, not only because of its tone but because it feels as if they had a great movie, didn’t know how to give it a real good last half hour and so made it very contrived.

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