Movie Review – Ice Age: The Meltdown

In the sequel to Ice Age, the three friends find themselves under threat, not from the ice but from the ice melting. They must journey, helping those they find and try to escape before the ice melts.

The three main stars for the first movie, Ray Romano as the mammoth, John Leguizamo as the sloth and Denis Leary as the saber tooth tiger are all back, but this time they have some more friendsSeann William Scott, Queen Latifah and even Jay Leno make an appearance.

Once again the animation is first class with lots of furry creatures all filling up the screen, perhaps none so much as the crazy squirrel whose appearances are almost like commercial breaks, separate from the main plot of the movie and yet side splittingly funny.

Ice Age: The Meltdown is a brilliant movie, a good followup to the first one and yet it doesn`t repeat itself in the plot which is nice. Lots of fun!

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