Movie Review – Lucky Number Slevin

A guy visits New York to stay with his friend but when he arrives, his friend is missing and he is being mistaken for his friend by two groups of gangsters who want money from him. Did I mention the high class assassin who is also involved?

This is a witty movie, with sharp dialogue, cool acting and perhaps some of the most horrific wallpaper ever to be featured in a movie. The sets, while looking very convincing, are generally decorated in ‘hip 70’s’ style which will turn your stomach if you have just eaten. The strange thing is though, that the wallpaper does go well with the movie.

While the plot is a little obvious, its fun to watch and features many a well known face, including Sir Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Josh Hartnet, Lucy Lui and of course, Bruce Willis. All the actors perform will and give performances that fit the movie.

The prologue does look more like a classic car show than a flashback but I guess thats life.

A fun movie with predictable but still enjoyable twists, well acted and witty. What more could you ask for?

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