Movie Review – Moon

A solitary miner on the moon is coming close to the end of his three year shift. His sporadic video contact with his wife keeps his hopes up as he begins to feel the stress of the work.

A very sparse movie, few characters, less locations, zero explosions or aliens or laser guns. Moon is a very dark movie, not only for the realistic lighting and portrayal of conditions on the moon but in the way the plot reveals the important information about the movie.

Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, the lonely miner with his only real companion being a robot/computer voiced by Kevin Spacey. Since the majority of the movie features Sam Bell only, it is just as well that Sam Rockwell is a very talented actor who is watchable.

It was cool to see that rather than rely on computer graphics, the moon surface action was created with miniatures which always look a little better and more believable.

Moon is a simple movie with an interesting plot that gets you thinking after-wards. An intelligent science fiction movie which takes time to develop but is well worth the wait.

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