Movie Review – Night Watch

An ancient battle between light and darkness, good and evil is held in check by those who watch and guard the truce. The Night Watch guards the darkness, with the Day Watch guarding the light. The balance between the two forces is threatened when a prophecy begins to come true.

One of the highest grossing Russian movies ever, Night Watch is the first part of a trilogy made up of Night Watch, Day Watch and Twilight Watch. Straight away it is obvious that this is not a hollywood movie. The actors are not beautiful or handsome and this lends credibility to the movie. Filmed mostly at night, this is a stylish move, well made with clever use of the subtitles (I don’t speak Russian).

The special effects are good, but apparently made for a fraction of the price. While the special effects are special, they don’t distract the viewer from the plot and the characters who are strong and enjoyable. This isn’t a comedy but there are moments when you can’t help but smile.

Very enjoyable movie, and looking forward to Day Watch already!

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