Movie Review – Oceans 13

The gang is all back once again but this time its personal. After Ruben is double crossed, everyone gathers back in Las Vegas to get even with the evil Willy Banks.

After stumbling slightly with Oceans 12, the series picks up again with this latest outing. The same faces as Oceans 11 return along with a new villain with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin as the main female lead. This is much more on a par with Oceans 11, with wit, style and laughs as the plot bounces back and forth between heist movie, and sometimes straight comedy.

The movie is colourful, with lots of clever shots, split screens and subtitles. There are various subplots, some important to the action, some not so much and there are plot points that are unbelievable to say the least. But it works. Its funny when they want it to be, confusing sometimes when all the action is going on but never does it lose the viewer. The main characters are well, themselves, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are pretty much the same as you would expect them to be in real life, with the supporting cast all there to some degree. Ellen Barkin is a lot of fun, not only to watch as an actress but as a woman who is beautiful although not for all the normal reasons.

If you watched Oceans 12 and thought, they have ruined the series, Oceans 13 will make you change your mind. As good as the original remake!

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