Movie Review – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Welcome to the third and perhaps final installment of the Pirates trilogy. We join this episode with Captain Jack Sparrow having been eaten by the Kraken and Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan being help by Captain Barbossa to deal with the threat of the East India Trading Company.

I really enjoyed the first movie, found the second one to be even better and was looking forward to seeing this, the third in the trilogy. Its a long movie, so long infact that my knee actually locked up from lack of movement. It also feels a little longer than needbe. There is a large cast of characters, some of which are not explored much and some who seem to have more time onscreen than needed.  The movie also seems to stop being a pirate romp as it were and becomes something a lot different.

I won’t spoil the plot but there are some very strange scenes when we first lay our eyes on Captain Jack Sparrow, and there are parts of the plot that just seemed to take the edge off the movie. The action was, as always, loud, powerful and fun to watch. Throughout these movies there has always been a touch of humour, even when battle is waged, and At Worlds End is no exception. There is that much talked about cameo of a rock star which, well to be honest, is OK but not exactly breath-taking. The effects are first class with lots of weather and sea flying around.

The ending is something else that I am not completely happy with. It isn’t a normal Hollywood ending, and while I have gotten tired of the predictable, you kind of needed that type of closure, which you don’t get. In fact the ending is ambiguous and so open ended you start wondering the trilogy might not have four or five episodes.

In recent memory, very few third movie of a trilogy has stood up and been a complete ending for the series. Return of the King is probably the best, closely followed by Return of the Jedi. At the other end of the scale you would have the Matrix which was one amazing film spoiled by two dumb ones added on for the extra income. At Worlds End isn’t as bad as the Matrix, but nor is it as good as Return of the King. It just felt like it was missing something, something that left you completely satisfied rather than thinking, they are going to go for another money grab.

I really did enjoy the movie, physical, witty, breath-taking at times, At Worlds End will make a lot of money, but I just wonder if it will leave everyone as unsatisfied as I was?

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